Digital Billboard & Outdoor Advertising in Tampa

Tampa Outdoor Billboard Advertising provides outdoor billboards and out of home advertising in Tampa. We effectively deliver your advertising message across Tampa using our LED billboards on Tampa Bay’s streets and freeways. With our extensive inventory of LED Billboards and Digital Advertising Displays, we will help you craft a campaign to successfully reach your target audience.

At Tampa Outdoor, we deliver the right solutions for business billboards in Tampa and other outdoor advertising campaigns. Let us make the process easy for you! Our design team will craft an effective and memorable message for your business. We also oversee the production and placement of the signage and manage all of the other details involved with your outdoor advertising campaign. With Tampa Outdoor, you can expect world class customer service before and after your advertising is placed.

Why Billboards?

Billboard advertising is big, bold and colorful with unlimited potential to grab consumer interest and give our clients a competitive edge. Billboard Advertising with Tampa Outdoor gives you long term product recognition and reminds potential customers daily how to access your products.

Tampa Billboards Are Cost Efficient

Billboards have a lower cost per thousands of impressions than all other media types. With continuous delivery of your message, your ad spend will last longer and you will see better retention from consumers. Also, the repeated impressions will help to push your brand to "top of mind". As part of a multi-media campaign, billboards fill the gaps for other media and reinforce the campaign.

Tampa Billboards Deliver Your Message

Did you know 92% of drivers are exposed to outdoor advertising in a 7 day period? Businesses can target Tampa consumers with a billboard message that says who you are and what you sell with a few short words and images that can’t be turned off or thrown away like other media.

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  • Powerful Brand Awareness.

  • 31 Digital Billboard Locations in High Traffic Areas throughout Central Florida.
  • Targeted and Scheduled Ad Campaigns.